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Taste Point

Taste Point

Realizing the need for constant education and specialization in both food and coffee industries, Taste Point aim to experience, experiment and educate on every aspect related to F&B and modern gastronomy. Unique in a lot of ways, our facilities are designed to meet all the necessary specifications and modern needs, that are vital in a professional seminar or a corporate presentation. Spoted in the center of beautiful Thessaloniki, Taste Point facilities are seperated in two different halls, equipted with every modern confort, in order to create the perfect environment for a seminar or a corporate presentation.

Seminars Hall

Kitchen room

The culinary show room can accommodate up to 50 people, with all the necessary audiovisual equipment (TV projectors – acoustic means). The space is designed so that the audience have a perfect view of the kitchen and the screens, all at the same time. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest equipment and can cover the most demanding cooking and confectionary demonstrations, specialized seminars on meat and all the new trends. Hidden behind the main kitchen, we created an auxiliary kitchen for all the extra preparations.

Bar and restaurant room

With a capacity to host up to 30 people, the bar & restaurant room features a fully equipped bar for bartenders, mixologists, barista and latte art specialists. In the restaurant we have placed 8 tables ( 8 people on each ),for wine tasting, art de la table seminars as well as for product presentations. The venue can accommodate 80 seats in a seating and 120 people in a cocktail arrangement, providing all the necessary service ( bar and buffet ).

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